Simon Labs Press was founded to support authors that use the Simon Visual Language in their books. We want our readers to see actual Simon drawings as they themselves can create so we "walk the talk."
We print our books directly from the SimonTOOL. We prefer landscape orientation and color. Our books are printed on the same Xerox printers used in offices: the Xerox Phaser 8400 and the Xerox Phaser 7750. We use a Print on Demand (POD) approach. We stock only about 100 books of each title and only print to maintain stock, to customize books, or for large orders. Capacity is easily regulated by adding these low-cots printers. We use the highest quality, coated paper. The preferred binding is plastic spiral coil for lie-flat, wrap around, colors, and durability.

SimonTOOL and Simon Visual Language    Copyright 2001-2005, Simon Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.